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Join Barbara at 11:00 am on Saturday, March 13th for this vigorous and complete practice.  Regular class rates apply; use the Google Sheet to join, as usual.


We try to save schedule updates for changes of season, in general.  Be on the lookout for some small changes coming on the spring equinox, as of March 20th.


Even though our building is in Ocoee, we love to share yoga downtown and are so excited to be able to do that!  We are grateful to offer classes in these beautiful, magical spaces!  Please be sure to bring your own mat and use the Google Sheet to save your spot as usual for both classes.
You'll be able to find a Firefly instructor upstairs at East End Market at 3201 Corrine Drive, Orlando, FL 32803, on Mondays at 6:30 pm.  These classes are donation-based.  You can Venmo a donation to @fireflyyogacompany or bring cash.  

You could also join us at the new Flo Space Orlando at 1000 North Magnolia Avenue on Saturdays mornings!  10 am FLOW with Holly.  Regular class rates and packages apply.

On the first Monday of the month at 7:30 pm, you'll find Lindsay in-studio for YIN WITH SOUND, and on the second Friday, Barbara will lead an evening CANDLELIGHT YIN at 6:30!  Please look for Facebook events for details on these special classes that feature stillness for body and mind.  They will work like regular studio classes in that you are asked to sign up using the weekly Google Form.  We are happy to say that Barbara is teaching YIN every week on Tuesday nights at 7:30, too!  


Pretty much the way you'd join an in-studio class!  Simply use the link on the Schedule page to register for the class.  Make sure you add your name to the Zoom students part of the sign-in, andyou'll need to have your name on there at least fifteen minutes prior to class start time.  You'll be signed in to class and charged a single class or one from your package, just as you would if you were in the studio.  Unlimited packages work, too, of course.  If you don't have any classes left, or if you aren't sure, just message us to find out!  You can purchase classes via the link on the Pricing page, or you can request an invoice for one class or a package - whatever you'd like.  You'll receive an email with the link to join class just before the start time.  The Zoom classes will be available for two days after class, so if you'd like to take a Zoom class but aren't free to do so during class time, no problem!  Just save your email and use the link when you're ready!  Please make sure we have your email in our software (different from being subscribed to the newsletter) so that we can send you the meeting link!  If you aren't sure about that, use the contact us link to message us, reply to the newsletter, or add it next to your name on the Google Sheet when you sign up for class.


Tuesday 6:30 am POWER

Tuesday 7:30 pm YIN

Wednesday 10 am FLOW

Friday 10 am POWER

PLEASE attend these Zoom classes if you'd like to see us continue them!  If you're in there, we will stay with you, but if no one shows, we will let them go.

THINGS TO KNOW AS WE JOIN TOGETHER IN THE STUDIO ~ Please read carefully and in entirety! 

1.  Learn the Firefly Hug!  We love sharing love, support, happiness, kindness, and connection with hugs at Firefly, and we want to keep up that sharing; it’ll just look different!  To greet each other, we invite you to place your hand over your heart and send love from your heart with your eyes!  We want to be a bright spot and not a hotspot, so we ask that you observe this without exception, not because we don’t love you, but because we DO!
2.  Join us in-person if you’re feeling 100%!  Please wear a mask into the studio space, and you may remove it once you've settled on your mat.  If you are experiencing ANY symptoms of any kind - fever, sore throat, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, etc. – we will love to welcome you WHEN YOU FEEL BETTER!  Please practice with us via Zoom until then!  
3.  Sign up and pay for your class ahead of time to reserve your space and so that we can be streamlined and contactless!  On Sunday evenings, a link to a Google Form will be included in our newsletter.  Click the link and add your name to a space in your desired class(es).  Please make sure that you have a class package with us before you sign up, and we will use a class from your package each time you practice with us.  Class may “close” one hour before it begins, so be sure to add your name before that time.  If you’ve saved a space, you’ll be “charged” a class.  You may remove your name anytime UP UNTIL 9 PM THE EVENING BEFORE class time without us deducting a class.  PLEASE only sign up for a class if you fully intend to be there!  If class is “full,” and you’d like, you may add your name to the “wait list” below the class sign up boxes.  Check back before class to see if any spaces opened.  If one did, the first wait list person can join, and so on.  If you aren’t sure if you have classes left, or if you want to purchase a single class or package, please message us at, and we can invoice you.  You are also welcome to buy classes for future use in-studio when you are there for class.
4.  Bring your own mat to practice!  This goes for any props you like to use, too!
5.  Our cubbies are multi-purpose!  For this season, they will just fulfill their jobs as “wall” and “beautiful art!”  They will be on vacation from their “holding our stuff” purpose!  When you come to the studio, please bring a small bag for your belongings.  This can be placed against the wall near your mat space (behind you if you’re in the back row, in front of you if you’re in the front) during practice.  When you arrive at the studio, maybe you’ll remove your shoes and then either place them in your bag or carry them to your space and leave them near your mat, also.
6.  We’ll all make an effort to honor each other’s spaces.  That includes our instructors.  We will refrain from walking around the studio among the mats during classes with the exception that we might move to one end of the room or the other to demonstrate for you.
7.  Follow your guides.  Since generally, everyone will be arriving and then leaving at the same time, our front door should be a good option most of the time!  However, Erin on Tuesdays and Lindsay on Wednesdays might invite you to exit through the back door since we have back-to-back classes on those evenings.
8.  Remember that we can be flexible!  If we find any of this needs tweaking, or that there are classes that you can’t “get into” but want to, we will adjust accordingly!  Along those lines, if you wanted to take a particular class but didn’t get into it or on the wait list, PLEASE reply to the Sunday evening e-mail to let us know so we can look at options for the future!