Unlimited yoga

​$125 for One Month (click here to buy online)

From date of purchase

$115 per month with recurring payments*

(Click here to buy online)

*message us to set up this option in your account

For gift certificates, you may purchase via this link, or click "Contact Us" and email us to buy certificates that can be e-mailed to you!  From now through December 24th, have a free class added to your account when you purchase a package to gift to someone else!

Single class

$14 Drop In (click here to buy online)

$11 Student Drop In

Classes can be purchased in person at the studio, or you can e-mail us for an invoice.  Some packages are available for online purchase via links below.

class packages

​Class packs may be shared between family or friends. Please call or email to configure your account if you'd like to share your package.

​$55 for Five Classes (click here to buy online)

​$98 for Ten Classes (click here to buy online)

DECEMBER SPECIAL$98 for Twelve Classes | available December 1st-12th | one per student  (click here to buy online)

No expiration

new student special

​$24 for Four Classes

No expiration


The mat we recommend and sell; you may purchase here and pick it up at the studio, or we can ship it to you.  Color varies, depending on what we have in stock.

$127.80, tax included  (click here to buy online)


Your new mat has a coating that is extremely slippery.  There are instructions on the packaging, but this is the procedure we recommend.  Take your mat outside and soak it with the garden hose.  Sprinkle it generously with sea salt (and tea tree oil, if you like).  Using a stiff brush, scrub the mat vigorously, like you really, really mean it, especially in the places where your hands and feet will be in downward facing dog pose.  Rinse the mat and repeat.  Let it dry in the sun.  Bring your mat and a towel to practice with you, and start without the towel.  When you start to feel the mat becoming slippery, spread out your towel and continue your practice.  Do this several times - maybe around sixteen practices.  Then do the whole thing with the hose outside again.  If you've really scrubbed it well, using LOTS of elbow grease, you should be good to go!  These mats are extremely durable; the only thing to really avoid is bleach/chlorine.

private lessons

​Please call or email to schedule a one-on-one session with one of our instructors.

​$75 for One Hour


​$5 for each student who attends class is donated to the charity or cause of the quarter.

​$5 or class pack