10 am FLOW 1/2

Second Monday 11:15 am ASHTANGA

6:15 pm FLOW


10:00 am FLOW

4:30 pm POWER

6:15 pm FLOW

7:30 pm YIN


10 am FLOW​​​

6:15 pm ASHTANGA in-studio

​​The weekly schedule with teachers is included in our newsletter and a daily schedule with teachers is posted to Facebook and Instagram.  If you're viewing this page on our mobile site, please scroll to the bottom to see the weekly schedule.

ASHTANGA FLOW classes are inspired by the primary and second ashtanga yoga series. Students new to this beautiful, aligning style of yoga will benefit from careful cuing while those familiar with it can get lost in moving meditation.

FLOW classes are what you make of them!  Appropriate for all levels of yogi, each class will be tailored to the attendees. Beginners will be given careful instruction and opportunity to take either a gentle or more rigorous practice, and more experienced yogis will be offered freedom to play and challenge themselves.  Communicate with your instructor and honor your inner teacher to co-create just what you need that day.  GENTLE FLOW is just like it sounds - an open-style class, but low-intensity with slower movements.  FLOW 1/2 is similar, but there will be more powerful/advanced options given.

GIVE classes are all-levels flow taught on Sunday mornings.  The cost is a $5 drop-in, or packages apply.  $5 will be donated to our charity or cause of the quarter for each student who attends.

POWER classes are suitable for all levels with a greater focus on strength and building the core. The flow will be faster-paced than in a FLOW class. Come prepared to challenge yourself and sweat!

YIN classes are suitable for all levels.  Sit for minutes in postures designed to lengthen connective tissue and increase range of motion, and watch the breath to train your brain to respond rather than to react.

​​YOGA 101 classes focus on the foundations of yoga.  Not necessarily "easy," 101 focuses on alignment and common basic poses for our practice.  Great for beginners or for experienced practitioners who are looking to refine.

ocoee class schedule


Please also see our social media for a daily feed of current classes.  All classes are all-levels and styled by the teacher.  Classes last about an hour.


6:30 am FLOW

10 am YOGA 101​​​​

6:15 pm FLOW

7:30 pm YIN


10 am POWER


Second Friday 6:30 pm CANDLELIGHT YIN


​8:30 am FLOW

​9:45 am FLOW

Fourth Saturday 11:00-1:00 ASHTANGA FULL PRIMARY

SUNDAY $5 donation class

11 am GIVE