Amanda Bouque began her yoga journey in 2008, mainly for the physical practice but quickly discovered how the physical practice expanded into the mental aspect.  Amanda suffered for many years with chronic abdominal pain and headaches which prevented her from enjoying the physical activities that she loved such as running, dancing, and being outside in nature.  Yoga allowed Amanda to learn body awareness, and she even found relief from the chronic pain she experienced.  Practicing yoga cleared Amanda's mind and enabled her to see the world in a new light.  In 2010, Amanda received her teacher training certification from Core Power Yoga Alliance in Chicago.  She graduated from Florida College of Integrative Medicine in Orlando in January of 2014, where she studied how Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can heal the body holistically.  Amanda practices Eastern medicine and teaches yoga together to be able to offer her patients and students a comprehensive scope to become the best versions of themselves.  She is passionate about bringing the connection between yoga and health to her students and hopes they can create a healthy, peaceful lifestyle.

As a dancer, Ashley Proveaux-Moorefield began to compliment her dancing with yoga. She started her yoga journey for mainly physical reasons-to gain flexibility; however, yoga soon became an outlet for her to “just be” with no expectations, needs, or stress of doing anything perfectly. That’s when she was hooked. As Ashley continued her consistent yoga practice, she continued to realize the beautiful mental work-in that accompanied the physical work out during asana practice. She started noticing the mental and physical growth that was continuously developing within her. Wanting to deepen her practice, she decided to enroll in yoga teacher training. In October 2015, she graduated from Full Circle Yoga with her 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. She loves teaching her fellow students to move through their practice and their lives with acceptance, love, and mindfulness. She teaches that it’s what you do all day everyday that counts. Consistent tiny tweaks lead to big changes.  “Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” -Gandhi

Belinda Moore has been passionately teaching yoga for the past thirteen years and practicing for over nineteen years. Hailing from New Zealand, she moved to Orlando in 2016 after falling in love with an American and choosing to follow her heart halfway round the world.  Belinda started practicing yoga at eighteen, after eleven years as an elite-level rhythmic gymnast. Yoga helped her recover from the mental, physical and spiritual burnout she felt post-gymnastics and opened a doorway to a practice of movement and being which could nurture body, heart and soul.  Over the past nineteen years, Belinda has combined her love of practicing and teaching yoga with a successful career as a professional dancer. She incorporates her experiences in both dance and gymnastics and the vast knowledge she has acquired in those fields to enhance her teaching.  Belinda’s classes pay homage to the fundamental concept of sthira sukham asanam; sthira = steady, stable; sukham = comfortable, ease filled. Through a practice which emphasizes the integration of breath and movement while embracing the subtle nuances of the human form in motion, Belinda teaches her students that yoga is so much more than simply "achieving poses."  Belinda believes in encouraging the growth of personal awareness by planting seeds of curiosity, exploration, and knowledge in each student. Her classes are progressive in nature, offering plenty of options for all levels and abilities, so they’re accessible to everyone. Belinda also likes to have fun and share a joke or two in class, so be prepared for some dry New Zealand humor! 

As a former competitive gymnast, Christina Martins discovered and immediately fell in love with yoga. Initially looking for a physical outlet to replace gymnastics, she quickly delved into the deeper layers of yoga and has been absorbing the benefits ever since! Christina found solace in yoga’s introspective and non-competitive nature, and after sampling many styles from power to restorative, she ultimately found her roots in the Ashtanga Yoga lineage. Christina's classes provide a challenging yet playful venue for students to explore and develop their personal practice. She offers a less rigid approach to traditional Ashtanga Yoga, with a strong focus on breath and form.

Cheryl Cox is a professional dancer, aerialist and stunt performer who strives to inspire others to build strength and creativity.  She was introduced to the yoga studio six years ago and fell in love with the grounding feeling it gave her mind and her art.  Her classes at Firefly are a mix of conditioning and flexibility work from these different disciplines designed to help you find your own strength and to have some fun doing it.  

Erin Fish began practicing yoga as a way to balance and enhance her training as a runner. Over the last few years, she has found healing and strength through the practice that helped her recover from numerous injuries. Erin enjoys how dynamic and boundless the yoga journey is and how she can find release, challenge, presence, and grounding when she needs it. In May 2017, she completed Firefly's 303-hr YTT. Erin's flows call attention to alignment and invite students to explore the possibilities of their practice while remaining safe in their bodies.

Heather Rashal first found yoga in college and practiced off and on for many years. When she discovered Firefly in 2014, the addition of a regular yoga practice into her life gave a new understanding of self and body. As a Licensed Psychotherapist, Heather values the meditative qualities of yoga and mindfulness and incorporates them into both her teaching and therapy. She loves to share the benefits of yoga with others and welcomes any level yogi to join her classes.

Yoga found Holly Garrison in 2006, and she has since been inspired by her teachers in ways unique to each of them; they have shared a sense of peace and knowledge and have encouraged her to deepen her practice with each breath and to live with intention.  Holly loves to teach students of all ages and capabilities - from beginners seeking a gentle class to experienced yogis looking for a challenge.  She incorporates elements of vinyasa and asthanga styles of teaching in her classes and is also a pre-natal certified instructor.  She hopes that each practice she leads will be fun and cultivate tranquility and that her students will see progress in their strength and flexibility both on and off the mat, as well as experience the inward, spiritual journey that yoga has to offer.

Jaime Shearer fell in love with Ashtanga yoga in 2006 after a friend encouraged her to “Find something you love to do and do it every day. A healthy body is a side-effect of a healthy lifestyle.” She began teaching in 2008, under the influence of both Ashtanga teachers and yoga therapists. Jaime teaches yoga to help students connect with their inner wisdom, brilliance, and light—and live from that place more and more each day. She believes that yoga is a healing practice meant to promote mind-body-spirit harmony and integration. “Yoga, when practiced well, helps us become more functional and present in daily life, enriches our families, and helps us become better citizens of the world.” Her classes are rich with technical instruction and encouragement while at the same time giving students space to explore and feel great when they leave.

Julie Sanchez is a wife and mother of three boys. She lives in Winter Garden and is very involved with the community. Julie and her family love to travel, hike, and play all sports! She has practiced yoga over twenty years, is Alliance 200-hr RYT certified, works with the Young Yogi Program, and is a Certified Personal Trainer.  Julie is committed to helping you find the joy in the challenge of becoming stronger mentally and physically.

​When Lauren O'Meara was first introduced to yoga at sixteen, it was a therapeutic tool. She drifted away from her practice for about ten years, but eventually found herself back on her mat. Little did she know, after that first class back, a week later she would be signed up for teacher training! She swears by yoga’s ability to heal, strengthen, and empower oneself. Yoga has changed her life for the best in every way possible, and she wants to share that light with everyone she meets, especially during her classes! She loves introducing her students to new poses, and encourages you to play and challenge yourself, not only with the poses, but also with focusing on the present moment and your breath.

Lyndsey McLaughlin dabbled in yoga for many years but didn’t get serious until she used yoga as a rehab after a major surgery. She had so many encouraging and wonderful teachers throughout her practice that she grew into a stronger person. Yoga has given her so much physically, emotionally, and spiritually that she couldn’t wait to spread and share that love.  Lyndsey believes that you can start anywhere with your practice and grow from that place. She loves working with beginner yogis to help them understand how amazing a practice is for their bodies. She fell in love with yoga as she saw her body change and adapt. Yoga is for every type of person and every lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re flexible or not, come join her in the studio!

Mandy Jones loves laughing, plant medicine, banjo, flowers, music festivals, and YOGA.  Yoga found Mandy in 2005 while she was in college and looking for something to bridge the gap between movement and spirit...and her journey embraced her with open arms.  Mandy is inspired by Ashtanga yoga and its ability to create space for transformation.  Her classes are invigorating, uplifting, and leave her students feeling calm, loved, and supported.  She is grateful for all of her teachers who have generously shared their wisdom and guidance.

Melanie Sylvan has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and is truly grateful to have found a new home for yoga at Firefly. Mel danced and acted professionally, produced theatre, and worked in strategic brand development in New York City before moving to Central Florida in 2014. Mel brings to Firefly her love of movement and mediation, and her desire to grow a healthy community. She studied at Kinected with Kelly Kane in New York City, and has the honor of studying and practicing with Holly Garrison and Belinda Moore in Orlando. Mel is also the proud mama of Elias, her favorite yoga teacher. 

Monica Stone found yoga during a time when she was craving health and wellness in her life. She stumbled into an Ashtanga class and never looked back. She has a background in gymnastics, so it’s no surprise that she gravitated towards the challenging practice of Ashtanga Yoga. After practicing for a few weeks, she realized yoga went beyond the physical aspects and continues to cultivate yoga on and off the mat. Monica has a playful style that’s based on detailed instructions of each posture. She creates an atmosphere that makes the yoga newbie feel at ease while teaching the deeper aspects to the seasoned practitioner. Come to her class, and you will be sure to leave feeling refreshed, restored, and relaxed!

Natalia Foote loves staying active and trying new things. Yoga began as a way to increase flexibility, however as she continues to practice, she finds more peace and relaxation along with muscular and mental strength. She’s excited about sharing her love for yoga with you and hopes to create an environment where you feel comfortable to try something new and discover more of your inner strength.