Firefly Yoga Company Teacher Training!

Before you read further, here are a couple of questions people often have about yoga teacher training, in general...


That's totally cool!  While the program IS designed to result in students being ABLE to teach a yoga class, there are many other great reasons for which people choose to undergo the training journey.  Maybe it shouldn't even be called "teacher training."  Often, students join based on a desire to deepen their practices, learn about yoga philosophy, connect with community, create accountability in practice, or just have a built-in mini weekend retreat for several months!


Also cool!  One of the common reflections trainees share is that they realized in training that it's not at all about "getting the poses perfect" (We never do, anyway; that's why it's called a "practice!").  We are there to grow together.  If we had it all figured out already, what would be the point of training?  :)

Each year, we reevaluate and rework our training program so that we can continue to offer what we hope will be the best experience we can share that will leave you as prepared as possible to teach yoga, or that will simply be a meaningful deepening of your practice if you feel you are called to remain a student.  Regardless of the logistics and dates, our objectives are to ensure that our graduates could…

  • teach safely and mindfully based upon awareness of the unique needs of each individual student and knowledge of human anatomy and modifications.
  • create an environment in which students are free to work toward their own objectives and receive what they need from their practice when they come to the mat.
  • communicate a solid knowledge of the history of yoga, yoga philosophy, and the physical practice of yoga.
  • confidently plan classes that are grounded in learning about alignment and proper sequencing that will grow from much experience in both taking and practice-teaching classes.
  • direct a lifelong yoga journey through exploration of areas of interest, both now and in the future, so that one can continually grow as a teacher and practitioner.

We generally meet for ten weekends over the course of eight to nine months.  In addition to training weekends, there is a ten-class per month requirement, and some field trips and homework will also be expected. 

TENTATIVE TRAINING WEEKEND DATES FOR 2024 will be released this winter.  

Deposits and applications for 2024 will be released and due in the winter, as well.  Since our class size is limited, it can help to be on the earlier side of submitting your application/deposit.

The cost of training can be paid in installments, or there is an early bird, paid-in-full discounted rate.  Tuition includes unlimited yoga at Firefly for the duration of training!

In order to provide a high-quality training, we limit admission to ten students.  If you’d like to be considered for next year’s training class, we invite you to let us know of your interest.  Your future application will also include providing forms from some references who will attest to your amazingness!    

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more or receive an application!  We are happy to help if you have questions as you are discerning if our program is right for you.  We definitely encourage you to practice at the studio to see if our community and spirit resonate with you if you aren’t a regular student with us already.  

Some notes about 2023 Level One fees:
If you are accepted and go the installments route, payments will be due on four dates before and during training.
The application fee is one of the following: (a) non-refundable and applied to your first payment if you are accepted to the program, (b) non-refundable if you decide not to train with us, OR (c) refundable if for some reason you are not accepted into the program (if, for example, we cannot take you because we reach capacity or if we decline to enter into commitment with you because your references or application suggest that our training might not be a good fit for you and us).​


This training seeks to support students who have already undertaken a level one or a 200-hour training at Firefly or elsewhere in their personal goals for deepening practice or growing in teaching.  Your individual sharing through your own application process will help direct the nature of your training experience.  We will be creating our objectives together!

TENTATIVE WEEKEND TRAINING DATES for a possible Advanced Level training 2023-2024 are December 2/3, January 6/7 AND January 27/28, February 10/11, March 2/3, April 6/7 AND April 20/21, and May 18/19.  Hours to be announced.  There will also be a monthly practice requirement based on our co-determined path for you.

​The cost of Level Two training is $2970, $250 of which is a deposit/application fee, followed by four equal installments of $680 each, or an early bird, paid-in-full discounted rate of $2800**.  Tuition includes unlimited yoga at Firefly for the duration of training!

Applications and deposits for 2023-24 Level Two Training are due on September 30, 2023!  Please use the button on the contact us page or email us at to request application materials or with any questions you may have.  In the event we have more applicants than spaces in training, the order in which applications were received could be a factor in determining the class.

**Notes about 2023-24 Level Two fees:
The $250 application fee is due on September 30, 2023 and is non-refundable unless for some reason you are not accepted into the program (if, for example, we cannot take you because we reach capacity or if we decline to enter into commitment with you because your references or application suggest that our training might not be a good fit for you and us).​

2.  If you are accepted and go the $680 installments route, payments will be due on October 15, 2023, November 30, 2023, January 15, 2024, and March 1, 2024.
3.  If you are accepted and choose the early bird route, $2800 will be due on September 30, 2023.  If you have paid your deposit beforehand, it is applied to this amount.  


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