Barbara Radford started her regular yoga practice in 2014, when she was tired of driving to a box gym and found better motivation to walk two blocks to a local studio. From here, she fell in love with the challenge, mindfulness, and awareness that her practice provided. Soon yoga became an essential tool for recovery and prevention as her fitness endeavors expanded to acro yoga, aerial arts, martial arts, and CrossFit! Barbara firmly believes that everyone can benefit from the physical and mental practice of yoga, and strives to incorporate the yoga sutras into her daily approach to life. Her classes are challenging and exploratory, always with a new twist on the fundamental movements! She looks forward to seeing you on the mat to soak in the present moment and achieve more than you thought!

Cari Torres first tried yoga in 2012, and although she liked it, did not make it a regular practice until 2019 when she found Firefly Yoga Co. Yoga quickly became a part of Cari’s life and helped balance out her aerial arts practice. She is grateful to yoga for providing healing, spiritual growth and self discovery on and off the mat. Cari completed YTT in 2020 under Holly Garrison, and strives to make everyone feel welcomed, while encouraging moving in way that is nurturing and feels good in and on your body. Cari believes yoga can help anyone that is open to giving it a chance. 

Emily Tindall’s first yoga class was a hot Bikram class in 2012, with a focus primarily on the physical exercise aspects of yoga. Over the past decade, she’s experienced first-hand the healing power of yoga and now takes a much more holistic approach: utilizing yoga to practice mind/body connection through breath and movement. Emily completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification at Firefly in 2020, which also happened to be around the same time that her Rheumatoid Arthritis went into remission. After experiencing such amazing results, she can’t help but share her love of yoga with anyone who will come to class! Outside of the yoga studio, Emily also enjoys working as a Business Analyst and expressing creativity through designing quilt patterns. 

Erin Fish began practicing yoga as a way to balance and enhance her training as a runner. Over the last few years, she has found healing and strength through the practice that helped her recover from numerous injuries. Erin enjoys how dynamic and boundless the yoga journey is and how she can find release, challenge, presence, and grounding when she needs it. In May 2017, she completed Firefly's 303-hr YTT. Erin's flows call attention to alignment and invite students to explore the possibilities of their practice while remaining safe in their bodies.

Ewa ‘Eva’ Bushee started practicing yoga after joint pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis limited her mobility and her daily trips to the gym. Through her yoga practice she has been able to gain strength, mindfulness and inner peace. As a certified yoga instructor and newly certified in oncology yoga, she shares her passion and the healing power of yoga with the community. 

Yoga found Holly Garrison in 2006, and she has since been inspired by her teachers in ways unique to each of them; they have shared a sense of peace and knowledge and have encouraged her to deepen her practice with each breath and to live with intention.  Holly loves to teach students of all ages and capabilities - from beginners seeking a gentle class to experienced yogis looking for a challenge.  She incorporates elements of vinyasa and ashtanga styles of teaching in her classes and is also a pre-natal certified instructor.  She hopes that each practice she leads will be fun and cultivate tranquility and that her students will see progress in their strength and flexibility both on and off the mat, as well as experience the inward, spiritual journey that yoga has to offer.

Jack Crowe started practicing yoga while managing a corporate finance department in Y2K - remember when we thought that the Information Age would come to a catastrophic and abrupt end?  Yoga provided a healthful tool for managing the stress of that job. Well, the Information Age did not come crashing down as expected, but Jack continued to practice yoga on and off for years nonetheless.   In 2011 Jack wandered into a new local studio in NJ and stumbled into his first Ashtanga Yoga class and got hooked.  Jack completed his Yoga Teacher Training at Firefly in 2019 and strongly believes that yoga, with its mind, body and spiritual benefits, should be accessible to all regardless of age, mobility issues or physical prowess.  Jack is grateful to lead a variety of yoga classes, including chair yoga, and delights his students with a creative and soothing approach.

Jeff Welch first stepped into a yoga class at the YMCA in 2002 as a supplement to a vigorous workout routine involving weight training and cardio.  Eventually, what became a passing interest developed into a complete lifestyle change that resulted not only in increased physical strength, agility, and flexibility, but also diet change, confidence, and an awareness of the overall world around him.  Since then, he has been practicing regularly and has traveled all over the world (including India) to study with many different teachers.  This list includes Prem & Rahda Carlisi, Petri Raisanen, David Swenson (from whom he took teacher training), David Williams, Richard Freeman, Manju Jois, Tim Miller, Nancy Gilgoff, Paul Dallaghan, Casey Palmer, Tim Feldmann, Kino MacGregor, Lewis Rothlein, Krista Shirley, Kamal Singh, Karen Stillwell, and many others.  Jeff's goal when teaching is to provide space, compassion, and love for students to develop their own relationships with themselves and the world around them via the tools of breath, consciousness, and connection regardless of ability or disability.

After years of an on-again off-again home yoga practice, Julie Billig ventured into Firefly Yoga and found her true Yoga home.  Right after retiring from Orange County Public Schools, Julie joined the Firefly 262-hour teacher training.  Since then she has received her 500-RYT certification, along with certifications in Thai Massage, Thai Foot Reflexology, AccessibleYoga, Chair Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga with Resistance Bands and Meditation. Julie has found her true passion in using Yoga to help people feel better in their daily lives, whether this means reducing pain, moving more freely or finding their yoga family. She feels that yoga is not only about the body and the breath but about the smiles and the laughter.

​When Lauren Patterson was first introduced to yoga at sixteen, it was a therapeutic tool. She drifted away from her practice for about ten years, but eventually found herself back on her mat. Little did she know, after that first class back, a week later she would be signed up for teacher training! She swears by yoga’s ability to heal, strengthen, and empower oneself. Yoga has changed her life for the best in every way possible, and she wants to share that light with everyone she meets, especially during her classes! She loves introducing her students to new poses, and encourages you to play and challenge yourself, not only with the poses, but also with focusing on the present moment and your breath.

Lindsay Smithson fell in love with yoga for its ability to transform everything. Her teaching style is vinyasa flow with lots of self-love and mindfulness prompts. There is an emphasis on linking breath to movement and allowing that connection to still the mind. She is a music lover who loves to handpick a playlist to set the mood of the practice and flow. In her free time she enjoys being outside as much as possible, cooking, plants, running, and dogs. 

Seth Funderburg is a creature of movement. You can often find him, coffee in hand, between experiences. A long morning run, an evening on the bike, and miles of asana between. “Yoga,” Seth might say, feels like the “glue” between it all.  Recently yogi certified at Firefly, he is hopeful to layer his other credentials into his practice as well - ACE Certified Personal Trainer, USA Track & Field - Level One, and United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy.  

Sue Kosko discovered yoga in 2008.  She  was a "cardio junkie", and never thought yoga would become her passion.  Sue had hoped for some physical benefits, but really fell in love with the mental, emotional, and spiritual growth she found in the practice.  Sue wanted to share her love of yoga, so she received my 200-RYT certification from Yoga Alliance through Viviana Collazzo, and has since attended YogaFit Level 1, and Baptiste Yoga Levels 1, 2 and Art of Assisting.  Sue wants her students to discover the many lessons that can be taken from the mat and into their lives, including self-acceptance, playfulness, flexibility, mindfulness, and most!

Susan Orrico-Duffy is a graduate of the Integral Yoga Institute, Virginia, class of winter 2012 and a registered member of the Yoga Alliance. She believes that modern life is often demanding and disconnects us from what is most important and that yoga and meditation can assist you in reconnecting you to your Source.  Sue became a certified Reiki Practitioner in 2013. Reiki uses the universal life-force energy to bring healing to the whole person. Additionally, she holds certifications in yin yoga, restorative yoga, meditation, yoga nidra and children's yoga.  It is Sue's belief that yoga is designed to bring together the mind, body and soul by using body movement and meditation, based on the yogic principle that the mind and body are in fact “One." Sue believes that if you practice yoga every day over a long period of time in earnest, it can help bring your body to reach a place of harmony and healing.

Tristan Burch began practicing yoga in fall of 2017 after he decided it was time to turn his health around. He saw Firefly Yoga had opened in Ocoee and thought he would give it a shot. Initially he found yoga to be a challenge but would continue to push himself as a student. He was encouraged to sign up for Yoga Teacher Training, and as time continued, he grew into a teacher himself. Tristan is a son of Firefly Yoga and encourages everyone to use yoga as a tool to reconnect with their bodies and minds. Tristan hopes to teach a well-rounded yoga class that focuses on fundamentals that all comers can enjoy.